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GAMING1 - Take it or not
GAMING1 - Take it or not DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 5.00
GAMING1 - Cashooolu’s Dilemma Dice
GAMING1 - Cashooolu’s Dilemma Dice DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 25.00
GAMING1 - Crack The Safe Dice
GAMING1 - Crack The Safe Dice DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 25.00
GAMING1 - Mystery Arena
GAMING1 - Mystery Arena DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 20.00
€ 25,000.00
GAMING1 - Mega Spinner
GAMING1 - Mega Spinner DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 15.00
€ 12,048.36
GAMING1 - Lightning God
GAMING1 - Lightning God DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 25.00
€ 25,000.00
GAMING1 - Rapid Rush
GAMING1 - Rapid Rush DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 10.00
€ 250,000.00
GAMING1 - Quarter Million Fruit
GAMING1 - Quarter Million Fruit DICE
Stake € 1.00 - € 100.00
GAMING1 - Fortune Spinner Dice
GAMING1 - Fortune Spinner Dice DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 25.00
GAMING1 - Fakir Dice
GAMING1 - Fakir Dice DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 20.00
GAMING1 - Crystal HiLo Progressive
GAMING1 - Crystal HiLo Progressive DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 20.00
GAMING1 - 88 Mystery
GAMING1 - 88 Mystery DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 25.00
€ 37,242.70
GAMING1 - Dice Of Mystery
GAMING1 - Dice Of Mystery DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 25.00
Air Dice - 777 Win Spinner
Air Dice - 777 Win Spinner DICE
Stake € 0.10 - € 25.00
Air Dice - Volt Xtreme
Air Dice - Volt Xtreme DICE
Stake € 0.25 - € 25.00

Online dice games

Do you like games that require strategy and a bit of luck? Then our online dice games are perfect for you! Roll the dice, make good choices and go for the win! Are you ready for the challenge?

Ready to roll the dice and delve into a myriad of different worlds?

Come and discover our wide range of dice games here at Circus and explore new horizons! Every game will take you on a journey to another world and a new adventure while offering only the best quality!

Help the devilish little sausage get through the gates to 7th heaven in Devilish, feel like you are on a tv set with Deal or No Deal or break into safes with Crack the Safe.

How to play online dice games?

Determine how much you want to stake and then click START to launch the game. Place the dice columns in the grids to make horizontal or diagonal lines with identical symbols or colours. You will receive points as soon as you make a winning combination.

Line up three bonus symbols to access the bonus game. This game has a fun surprise in store for you. In the bonus game, you can win Mystery games. These are special games where you can win up to 100 times your stake!

To find out more about the different dice games available and to discover all the tips and tricks, check out the rules of dice games.

How do you play dice games?

Dice games are the perfect type of casino game if you’re a looking for a mix of luck and strategy. The idea of the game is simple: you place columns of dice yourself to try and make diagonal or horizontal lines of identical dice. The value of the dice determines the number of points collected per winning line. Make winning combination after winning combination to win big. Great strategists could win up to 100x their stake!

Like in classic slot machines, dice games have bonus dice that when lined up trigger minigames. Each dice game has unique bonus games that considerably increase your chances of winning.

With our online dice games, you can travel to a range of out-of-the-ordinary universes: to a smooth sandy beach, the heart of the tropical forest or a haunted mansion. Choose your favorite theme from the dozens of possibilities. To start a game, set your stake by clicking on the “Stake” button. Once you have selected the amount you would like to stake, click on the “Start” button to start the game.

Each game has its own point table that you can find in the game menu.

What are the differences between dice games and dice slots?

Did you know that dice games are the favorite games of Belgians? And there’s a reason! They offer so many game possibilities that can easily please everyone. Don’t know them yet? Follow the guide.

Dice games can be divided into two categories: classic dice games and dice slots.

In a dice game, you can place the dice in the grids yourself to create the best combinations. This game calls upon your sense of logic and strategy.

If you like slot machines and dice games, you will love dice slots. Spin the reels to see your winning dice combinations and win big! Unlike dice games, there is no strategy to dice slots, you can only rely on chance and your lucky star.

Like most online casino games, our dice games have bonus games, Mystery games, special games, Wilds that act as “jokers”, and free spins. Each game has its own special features that make it different. At Circus, you have a large choice of dice games. Find your favorite now!

What different versions of dice slots are there?

As well as “ordinary” dice slots, we offer two variants at Circus. Come and discover Streak dice slots and Cascade dice slots.

  •  Streak dice slots offer several winning opportunities thanks to respins. Once a winning line appears, the symbols on the line are fixed and the rest of the reels are respun to try and improve the combination. Tempted by Streak dice slots? We recommend Horus Temple or Gobs’n Gold from the provider Gaming1.
  • Cascade dice slots give you even more chances to win. For each paying combination, the symbols on the line disappear and new symbols replace them. If this version of dice slots interests you, try Boom Bang or Caveman Stoney now and pocket the jackpot!
Are the slots rigged?

No. None of the games offered on our website are rigged.

Circus is a 100% legal game of chance website and is regulated by the Belgian Gaming Commission. This means that we respect all the Belgian regulations concerning safety and player protection, including controlling the global payout rate. Circus also places high importance on responsible gaming. If you think you or one of your close ones is losing control of their gaming, our Responsible Gaming page will give you all the tools and useful links you need to ensure you can always play responsibly.

You can find more information about the security of your data and responsible gaming in our FAQ category dedicated to security.

Where can I find the rules of a game?

Do you want to try a new dice game or a new casino game but you don’t know how to play it? Launch the game and go to the game menu where you will find the rules, the value of the different symbols or dice, the paylines, how the bonus game works, and the various characteristics of the game such as Mystery games, volatility or free spins.

If your game is a jackpot game, this is also where you will find the jackpot rules.